the grace flow

stories of becoming

  • safe


    i never realized until… maybe today, how often i look for and think about safety lol what a sexy topic so exciting but really, it is it has been it’s a source of a lot of energy for me and a place for me to put a lot of energy to feel safe for me,…

  • new being pt 2

    new being pt 2

    i want to add onto my last post there’s one thing i want to highlight / expand on about my experience with the clenchy fist also, i like clenchy more than clenched it sounds and feels more fun lol anyway as i leaned into the experience of the fist vs visualize or intend something different…

  • new being

    new being

    i thought i knew what it meant to ‘be with myself’ or rather, the concept of ‘being with myself’ has evolved, to the point where the concept i once knew looks nothing like what it is coming to mean / be today. back then, being with myself looked like being with my thoughts, mulling over…

  • deliverance


    on the first leg of the journey to bali, i watched a movie and a half first one was a hilarious korean movie about north and south korean army dudes that tried their best to split a winning lottery ticket lol idk if it was actually that hilarious because… well you know me i can…

  • lyft: book cover judgment

    lyft: book cover judgment

    i picked up J at the long beach convention center from first glance, he looked like a pretty… dry older white guy almost kinda geeky or nerdy lol my suspicions were validated when i found out he’s a data scientist it was a long ride ahead, from long beach to pasadena jaysus but we started…

  • lyft: couples therapy

    lyft: couples therapy

    i picked up P and J on a saturday night in downtown long beach the area where i picked them up was a shitshow with lb pride happening that weekend they live in ktown and came out to lb to celebrate J’s bday she turned 30 during the ride so yay for that we started…

  • ways you know i’m comfy with you

    ways you know i’m comfy with you

  • lyft: cvs + a very long story

    lyft: cvs + a very long story

    i picked up J yesterday he was an older gentleman who had finished work at cvs he seemed jolly even as he shared some horror stories of working at a cvs near downtown long beach here are some stories he shared: he mentioned that he was originally from cincinnati (spelling?) and naturally, i asked how…

  • soul good

    soul good

    yesterday morning found me wondering what i wanted to do, how i wanted to spend my time the thought of roller skating at the beach floated up in my mind so i packed my skates and headed to the basketballs courts near the beach where i knew the floor was smooth, except for some sandy…

  • the sleaziest of them all

    the sleaziest of them all

    what makes a sleazy person? for me, it’s someone who is not honest with themself, and as such, delivers that dishonesty to others in their interactions, in their communication, in their actions. basically, they create their world around pretense and justify it as truth for whatever reason they consider ‘worthy’, ‘noble’, etc. they are constantly…

  • my racism

    my racism

    this one has been percolating for a bit i have realized that i experience racism on a daily basis not others’ racism my own. i haven’t experienced a lot of others’ racism, aside from the occasional ‘konichiwa’ or ‘ni hao’ lol and maybe slow service at a restaurant, but that’s a maybe. the racism i…