Approaching the gate to my house, I see a white envelope on the ground.  From a distance I see “for Grace” written on its back.  I open the gate, pick up mystery envelope and walk toward the house.  At this point I have no idear, no clue, no inkling what this is about.  I tear it open from the top, impatient.  Inside is a sheet of paper folded up in thirds.  Before I even see what’s written on the paper, I unfold it to find myself face to face with a hundred bucks, a bill.

I suck in some air.  Really?  My eyes dash to the top of the paper where it’s typed, “I think God wanted me to give this to you.  Be blessed!”  Wow.  I will.

Stepping into my house, I know I can’t even begin to try to figure out who might be the sender of such a gift.  Still, I rack my brain, frazzled from work.  No good.

I guess this is it.  This is my reply.

Thanks.  Thanks for being a part of my crazy journey.  Thanks.

I will use it and enjoy it to the max.






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