My heart is stone.  The world cannot move it.  It’s deadweight.  The densest material in the universe.  Nothing matters.

My heart is flesh.  He moves me with a whisper.  So easily touched.  So alive, sensitive.  One word flips me inside out.  One glimpse turns me upside down.  Only him.  Pliable only in his hands.  Kneaded only by him.

I’m sooooooooo easy when it comes to Jesus.  Soooooooooo easy.  All he has to do is look at me.  One glance and I’m sold.  SOLD, I tell you.

That’s all it takes yet everyday he walks with me.  Holds my hand.  Dances with me.  Sings with me.  Runs with me.  Eats with me.  Sits next to me.  Studies with me.  Talks to me.  Speaks into me.  Watches movies with me.  Watches me.  Skips with me.  Third wheels when I hang out.  Hahah jkjk.  My friends third wheel on me and him.

He goes to infinity and beyond.  Tell me, is that not the best loving one can receive, know?  Did I not just describe the best Valentine?  The best lover?  Best friend?  Best… no.  The only.  No one comes close to him.  No human being can do what he does to me, to you, to another human being.

So I say, Jesus, you are certainly welcome here.  Chill with me.  Do nothing with me.  Just being here is enough for me.  Even if I’m not looking at you, talking to you, singing to you, knowing you’re here changes everything.

I really like you.  A lot.






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