While making mandoo with my moms.

Silence except for breathing and occasional scraping of spoon.

Mom: Kobe sucks now.  How come he can’t make a shot anymore??  I was watching yesterday and man, nothing went in.

Me: Are you for real (talking about pro basketball right now)?

Mom: (oblivious) Yeah, he sucked.  But that other guy.  This white guy, looks kinda like a movie-star…

Me: *trying to figure out who she’s talking about*

Mom: That one guy… Sol… Sol… Oh!  Gasol!  He’s pretty good.

Hahahahaaa I couldn’t believe my ears.  My mom talking about basketball like that.  So cute.  I think she knows more ball than me.  And apparently she thinks Gasol is muhsheessuh.

Your turn

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