I am contemplating purchasing unlimited passage to Disneylandia good for one year (except Saturdays).  Yes, I am broke.  Yes, I am irresponsible.  Yes, I really want to ride the teacup ride.

My mother agrees, except for the teacup part.  But in the end… it’s not HER tutoring everyday, working to put fun on the table.  Just kidding.  Her point is very valid.  Just not appealing at the moment.

What to do.  It’s the battle of will, her wisdom against my… stubbornness.

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13.

Hahahahaha just keeeding.

Dear Jesus, please touch my mom’s heart, that she will be softened like clay in the hands of the potter. Please show her the light, that having fun, even at the expense of $300+, is okay.

Otherwise, please touch my heart.  So it won’t suck so much saying no to my eager, excited, already-in-Disneyland-riding-the-teacup self.  Shanks!

Hahahaha just keeding again.

We shall see.

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