Do bidness, flush toilet, unlock stall door, go to sink.

Two girls are in front of the mirror examining themselves.  One scoots over so I could use the faucet.  I finish, go to towel dispenser.  My mind is sorta there, not there, just hearing their conversation, girly talk.

The last thing I hear: “I need to cut my bangs, they look weird…” while looking into mirror genuinely displeased.

Really?  I know it’s important to her and if i had bangs, I’m sure I’d catch myself saying stuff like that but in that moment… I look over my shoulder at them.  Before I can stop or even THINK about what’s happening,

a “ch

escapes my lips.  Then I leave as I toss the used towels.

There is silence as I grace them with my absence and quick tittering as the door closes behind me.

Did that really just happen?  I didn’t know that was inside me.  Where is my filter?!!?  This may seem like nothing to you, but this doesn’t happen everyday.  I don’t mock and demean people like it’s nothing.  I’m not a beezy to people I don’t know.  Or so I thought.  Only close friends, family members get to see that.  And yes, it’s not that big a deal but if someone did that to ME, different story.

There have been several times that this happened, where my mouth acted five seconds faster than my mind, heart or whatever but this time, I shocked myself.  Yeah.  You probably think I’m overdoing it, looking too into it.  But this is me.  Or who I didn’t think was me.  Haha.

Happy Sunday y’all.







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