Considering I was enrolled in a whopping three classes, it’s not really that big a deal.  But it is.  Ha.

This summer, I would love to do a couple things before heading into CSUF in the fall.  Oh, what was that?  You’d like me to share what they are?  Of course and perhaps we can cross some of these to-dos off together!  By the way, some of the items will sound boring to you and they probably are.  Deal with it.

X watch Crazy Stupid Love: got the dvd – thanks Bonnie!!!

– return everything in my room that doesn’t belong to me (i.e. books, dvds, clothes?): almost

– donate clothes and stuffs I don’t use

X BEACH: once, twice, thrice, fource, fivce


– take my EPIC girls out: one at a time…

– watch a musical

X dye my hair: bleached bottom half

– attend a beer festival

– get into a TV show

– save up some money: getting there

– bike to Seal beach

– try Brazilian food

– make a bag

– run a half: ran a little more than half a half

– fix my bike

– hide it from my brother

– take the brother out somewhere

X watch World of Color: amazing.

X try new kind of food: not really new but I tried the peanut butter jelly burger at Slater’s.  Amazing.

– visit a museum

– and a zoo

– get a yoga lesson

– get rid of my shorts tan UGH: failing

X buy less childish nail polish: deep red – thanks Bonnnnie!!

– climb a rock

– skydive (if I had the funds…)

– bunjee jump (if I had the funds……………)

– grow my hair: getting there

– check out the Library Bar

– Father’s Office

– time my mile (this one I’m really hesitant to even write down.  We’ll see.)

– learn more songs on ze guitar

– make a time capsule

– visit a friend in Michigan (if only…..)

– practice ze piano

– hike

– watch a movie at a drive-in (if I can find one around here)

– sell textbooks

X pick someone up (hahahaha): SOON.  VERY SOON.

– scrapbook (probably not)

– camp

X buy sunglasses: no need, got a pair for ze bday.  Thank you, friends!!!!

– kayak

– try to learn to golf

– practice Spanish and Chinese

This is what I have so far.  I will continue to add and edit this list.  Stay postedd!!! (:


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