I don’t know anything.  I thought I did.  I thought that even if I didn’t know everything, I at least knew something.  I thought I got it, had it.  Whatever it is.

And then I’m brought to this place.  A place of confusion, feeling lost, flipped inside out, upside down.  But bigger than all the things I don’t know is what I do know.  Or rather, who I know.

Everyday I’m hit with the fact that I am nothing, I know nothing, I have nothing.  More today than yesterday, more tomorrow than today.  It never ends.

And everyday I’m BLOWN out of the water by the ONE thing I do know, the one thing I do have, the one thing that consumes me whole.

The one thing, the one person, being… I won’t even say his name.  I don’t need to.

He is all I see, all I hear, all I taste and feel and touch and know.  I don’t get anything else.  I don’t understand.  NOTHING makes sense to me.  Except this, him.

My every part is satisfied, every cell in me is unbelievably undeniably crazily in love and crazy alive.

I confuse myself everyday.  I get myself lost and find myself tired and worried and hungry and blah.

And this one person I know, he holds me.  He gets me.  He gets me so well I don’t have to get it.  I’m more than content knowing that I don’t know anything.

This has been a rambling entry.  I don’t get it.  Haha.

Whom have I in heaven but you.  And earth for SURE has nothing I desire beside you.  My heart and my flesh WILL fail.  But you and you alone are the strength of my heart and my portion forEVER.  Afreakingmen.






2 responses to “Hello.”

  1. gkim4him Avatar

    hahaha- i just realized i might have mistaken a grace kim for another grace kim (would you happen to be stef’s friend grace kim? i’m apple valley stef’s friend grace kim 🙂 hahah – well whichever grace kim you are – i was blessed by you! 😀

  2. gkim4him Avatar

    grace – this is grace, the other grace kim (arthur koo’s friend grace kim :))
    i know it’s been a while, and we haven’t even talked so much, so it may seem so random & strange, but i just happened to start wordpress-blogging again, and found some gmail friends’ wordpress blogs. i’m sorry i didn’t mean to be nosy, but i started reading through your blog (your “welcome” note at the top was actually very welcoming!) and i just wanted to say, wow – God speaks through the randomest people at the randomest times through the randomest ways…
    i wanted to say, i was blessed by your entries, and i especially like this one 😀
    aaaamen to all your awesome “rambling” inspired by His love & Spirit 🙂
    please keep up the encouraging entries – you’re a witness of His love by sharing it through your life’s stories online; how awesome is that! i bet our Father’s so proud and happy 🙂 God bless your beautiful family, and your ministry at the Ark!

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