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Have you ever heard of FutureMe.org?  It’s a site where you can send yourself letters to your future self.  I just received the following:

Dear Grace,

It is currently 1:23 AM on June 6, 2009. I am in a study room at the Science Library study center with Vicky. I still have a lot of studying to do, but I thought I should take a break since I’ve been doing pretty good.

I just thought you should know that I recently made a huge discovery about myself. After watching a marathon of Grey’s Anatomy episodes, there was one where McDreamy called Addison the “Queen of the land of Passive Aggressiva” and having heard of the term “passive aggressive” many times, I looked it up on the most legit internet encyclopedia, Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, passive aggressive behavior entails:

x Ambiguity
x Avoiding responsibility by claiming forgetfulness
x Blaming others
x Chronic lateness and forgetfulness
x Complaining
x Does not express hostility or anger openly – (e.g., expresses it instead by leaving notes)
x Fear of authority
x Fear of competition
x Fear of dependency
x Fear of intimacy (infidelity as a means to act out anger)
* Fosters chaos
* Intentional inefficiency
x Making excuses
x Losing things
* Lying
* Obstructionism
x Procrastination
x Resentment
* Resists suggestions from others
x Sarcasm
x Stubbornness
x Sullenness
x Willful withholding of understanding

To my horror, I found that I show 18 of the 23 signs listed. EIGHTEEN. Is that RIDICULOUS or what. That is disgusting. So I’ve come upon the conclusion that I, not Addison, am the reigning Queen of the land of Passive Aggressiva. And I’ve also come upon the conclusion that I no longer want to be queen in this land of despair, resentment, bitterness, pretending not to care/not to notice, pretending to be things I’m not, EVERYTHING. I want to live my life pure, without always having second thoughts and questioning everything. From this day forward, I’m gonna start living like that. Because I am a gracious Queen, I will allow you 3 years to change. When you receive this three years from now, I expect less then 3 of these traits. Fine, 5. LESS THAN 5 YOU HEAR??!?!??!!? Thank you.

The present Queen of the land of Passive Aggressiva and the future Queen of Clean Conscious and Pure Intentions

Crazy.  I won’t say how many traits endure and how many I’ve shed along the way because I don’t think it’s important.  Looking at this… Man.  Time flies.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.  Thanks.



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