Today was quite a beautiful day.  Church, church, church, family.  The weather, the people, the food (bibimnengmyun – bomb), the message, the laughter, smiles, hugs, yells, good-loving.

I am so.  Amazed.

In between alla that… I lost a contact lens.  Almost.  Something got stuck in my eye so I took it out (the lens) for a second to clean it before sticking it back in.  I got someone to stand next to me to block out the wind.  When my finger got in touch with my eyeball… no lens.  Wind-block fail.

There was at one point, a dozen people including me scouring the ground for this tiny piece of clear plastic (? not sure if it’s plastic but it feels like it haha).  To no avail.  I gave up five minutes into it.  I got over it quick, I usually do.  I’ll save, scrimp and scrape what I can over a couple weeks and order me another.  No biggie.  But some people surprised me with their adamancy.  Even after I gave up, they were on all fours.  I was quite blessed.  Hahah.  The search ensued.


“I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!” – from my friend, Sandra.  You don’t understand.  You.  Don’t.  Understand.  Okay maybe you do, but you really don’t.  To find a clear contact lens less than a centimeter in diameter in the dirt…

I feel like that lady who lost the coin and when she found it, she had a party.  Man.

Thanks Sandra!  Haha I don’t even know if you’ll see this.  I owe you a bingsoo.  Hahah!

Anyway.  This is getting kinda long.

I just want to say.  I’m in love.  Yes.  Everyday.  It’s the same story, just… another day, another moment.  It’s why I don’t care about anything.  It’s why I laugh so easily.  It’s why I breathe deep and find peace.  It’s why I’m more than just living, I’m alive.  It’s why… I am who I am.  I’m happy.  Really, truly, deeply.  I’m here.  This is exactly where I want to be.  Not a second before or ahead, not a millimeter to the left or right, not anywhere else.  Just here.  Here is where I want to be.  Because here is where he is.  Yes.  I am enamored, consumed, giddy with all that is good and true.  All that is good and true.

Those who seek You lack no good thing.

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