I went to the DMV today.  To reinstate my license.  If you want the whole story, ask me in person.

Anyway.  I went in with full hope and confidence of getting my license and registering my car.

I walked out with an almost registered car (it needs a smog check).

My plan for the day was to get everything done, license and registration, and head straight to LA to pick up the car.

As you can tell, my plan ending up being… a plan.  I came home a little peeved, a little irked, a little blah.  I complained and vented and threw a mini tantrum for good measure.  I made sure Big Guy up in heaven knew what was going on here.  Man, I was disappointed.

So I took a nap.

And I’m so thankful.  HAHA.  Sometimes Jesus makes it so hard to stick to one emotion, moment.

THANK YOU JESUS FOR THE WONDERFUL PAST THREE YEARS.  I remember all those times walking miles to get someplace that would take a couple minutes by car.  I would gauge the distance from my house to bus stops so I could get there in time.  I befriended the randomest people through my carless situation.  I remember biking to work, to the bank, to church, to Ralph’s… I remember planning out my whole day the night before, taking into account walking time, bussing time, biking time.

I remember most the peace and awe-filled conversations with Jaysus.  On those walks, I’m sure I looked cuhrazyy with the biggest grin plastered on my face.  Nothing could take that away.  Amazed.

Thank you.  It’s been quite awesome.

Now it’s time for me to get my license and my car and begin another chapter of awesomeness.  I will wait.  Thanks.







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