Dear Dad,

I think you are amazing.  Although you can’t tell from the way I rage at your comments and suggestions and demands, I really think you’re cool.  I know I disappoint you in many ways and I know that you know that you disappoint me too.  But it’s okay.  Everything’s okay.  Because you’re my dad.  I don’t think I do this everyday but I thank Big Guy upstairs for giving me a dad like you.  The language difference is not excuse enough for me to not show love to you.  Even though there are times I wish you would stop talking or that I could walk away, I enjoy being around you.  I’ve only recently tapped into the large vat of wisdom and knowledge that you contain in your head.  I find myself being kind of amazed that you and I can connect.  The mere fact that I find what you say interesting and worth listening to is sheer evidence Jesus is indeed alive.  Dad, thanks for loving me.  And for understanding me when I break your heart by coming home past ten p.m., being mean to you, not learning Korean.  If I had a daughter like me… I don’t think we’d be living under the same roof.  But somehow, you did it, you still do it.  Amazing.  Thank you for trusting me.  Thank you for being here.  Thanks.

I know you hate when I publish and post things on online and it’s ironic that it’s Father’s Day and I’m doing exactly what you would tell me not to do if you were sitting next to me but I want the whole world my friends on Facebook and WordPress to know how awesome you are.  Since you will probably not see this and even if you did, you would not comprehend it, I wrote you a card.  It’s in Korean.  You will either laugh, smile indulgently and lightly comment on how horrible my Korean is.  Or you will mark every mistake and tell me for the flabergillionth time that I will not get as far in life without learning Korean.  But I don’t care.

I love you.

Your daughter.

P.S. There’s a slice of cheesecake in the fridge.  You have to share with me.

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