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When I get complimented or encouraged about something or something of mine gets noticed, I’ve realized more and more that I like to just receive it.  Before, I used to shoot back a “Ooh I like yours too!” or “So are you!” to even it out, y’know, make them feel as special as I did receiving that compliment and to show that yes, I am a humble follower of Christ who gives back because it is always better to give than receive.  HA.  That sounds horrible hahaah but I did say those things with genuine intentions, really.

As of late, I see the beauty and graciousness (is that a word?  Should I just use “grace” here?  Anyway.) of simply agreeing with and acknowledging what someone has to say to me about me.  Oh, you think I’m beautiful?  Why thank you.  You like my shoes?  Thanks!  I got ’em at Ross.  How do I do what I do?  I don’t know, Jesus is awesome!  And thanks!

So easy.  I feel like flipping it around and pointing it back at the compliment/encouragement giver takes away from the encouragement and overflow of her heart she wanted to share with me.  I really just receive what anyone has to say.

That doesn’t mean every affirmation ends with a “Thanks!  Peace.”  There are definitely times when I’m compelled to share with that person what I’ve been feeling, wanting to share and encourage her with.  That’s another story haha.

There’s just a burden that’s been lifted, the burden to “humbly” reject anything good said about me and to “undo” the “pride” by reversing the attention.  And I quite like it.

I was going to end the entry at that but I realized why.  How can I receive anything so completely, without feeling guilty or shy or self-conscious?

Because I believe it.  I believe what they say about me is true.  That it comes straight from His heart, from a place of fullness and overflow and goodness.  And I believe that what they see, the goodness and love and whatever else they take notice about me is straight Jesus Christ.  Hallelujah.  If a friend is just being honest and wanting nothing more than to share what she feels and sees and thinks, then yes, I agree and I’m so thankful she took the time to let me know.  I receive it.

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