Give up

My brother and I haven’t been on wonderful terms lately.  The terms have been a bit sock-you-in-the-face-like.  Especially my side.  I’m sure his is a whole other story.  I can only imagine.  But here on my side, I don’t have to.

The way he talks to my mom.  The way he talks to me.  The second part doesn’t get to me as much as the first.  I can barely control myself.  I turn into a monster.  And while trying to defend my mom’s honor, I smear poop all over it with my holier-than-thou crusade.

Today I had quite a quiet time with good ol Jesus.  And I realized it’s not my fight.  It’s not my right.  It’s not mine.

Let the Almighty be the Almighty, let mom be mom, let me be me.  Let Jed be Jed.

I feel a lot better.  I feel free.



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  1. johnscottkim Avatar

    I forget how old your brother is, but I can tell you that I did the same shit. Honestly, I’ve yelled at my sister and my mom and fought with them plenty of times. Obviously, every situation is different. But for me, it was all about me wanting to be treated like a grown up, and feeling like my mom and my sister were just looking down at me as a child. So I yelled at them and fought with them as a way to prove I was equal. It was a pride thing. Maybe he’s doing the same thing. Best of luck.

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