When observing men, I find myself incredibly drawn to something.

There’s something I find attractive.  Okay I lied.

There’s something I think is extremely hot.

Not all men have it.  Most don’t; it’s not easy to acquire.  And it’s not something one sets about to acquire; the moment one does, it becomes unattainable.

It’s intangible.  I can’t run my hands through it, can’t look deep into it, can’t hug, can’t kiss it.

To be honest, when men portray the opposite, it can be attractive too.  But this thing, when I observe men carrying, exuding this one thing, it gets to me.  Man, it gets to me.  And I never thought I would ever think this about the opposite sex but I do.

What is it?

Why, it’s humility.

Yes, I find myself getting emotionally moved by this thing- humility.  So hot.  Hahahaha.  You’re probably thinking what the hell is wrong with this girl.  Welcome to my life.

I can’t explain it.  I am drawn to men who understand the truth, the depth, the inadequacy, the weakness of all he is and isn’t.  For me, there is so much strength, so much courage, fearlessness and character in just that.  Humility.

To me, humility is not weakness.  It’s nakedness.  The awareness of his being.  The knowledge of the one who made him.

There is no falsity, no double-mindedness, no gilded promises of all he wishes he is- yet isn’t.  There are no delusions of being anything, anyone but himself, in all of his manly glory- and flaws.  There is just simple truth.

Humility, man.  When a man understands who he is- and welcomes others to see into him, faults and all, with no shame, guilt.  A man who doesn’t hide behind anyone, anything.  A man who wants to be carried, taught, molded, led by his Maker.  A man who submits to the Almighty, not under compulsion, but in love and truth.  A man who laughs at his folly, isn’t afraid to fall, make mistakes, be a human being.

I would lean on a man like that.  I would follow a man like that.  I would serve a man like that.

Hollaaaa hahahahah!

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