A couple things I miss, which I don’t think about too often but right now I’m in the missing mood.  Run on sentence.

– Fresh Prince: mannnn, I miss my daily dose of ghetto hilarity.  Will Smith, you will always be the bomb.

– my collection of old school hip hop/music: blah.  There are two things I regret in my entire life.  One of them is deleting my playlist.  I forgot the other.

– fearlessness of running at night: that was a certifiably crazy time for me when I would leave the house at 10 or 11pm for a run.  It’s even crazier that my parents let me out, especially when they never let me sleep over friends’ homes.  What were they thinking.

– sneaking out at night: nowadays, I can leave the house whenever.  I guess I miss the “thrill” of doing something i’m not supposed to do.  Sometimes we all need to do something illegal or forbidden to remind ourselves we are human- at least for me.  Hahahaha.  Take it whatever way you want to.

– breakfast at Mesa Commons: besides the wonderful 400+ students packed in a lecture hall, one of the most memorable aspects of higher education offered at UCI was the breakfast buffet.  My friend and I got up early every morning to hit up the omelette bar, the diy waffles, fruits, bagels and other necessary morning nutrition to keep us through the edumucation-filled day.  I miss thee.

– family gatherings: nowadays, it’s just four of us.  Before, it was four families.

I’m done.  Twas good then.  Tis good now.  No regrets.  Except the two I mentioned.  Goodnight.

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