Sort of in a daze, I left work at 11:50am.  Okay maybe I was tired from the night before but something was a bit off, not in a bad way.  I exited the neighborhood and found myself heading away from home.  Somewhere in the span of 300 meters I decided I was going to the beach.  I knew I wanted to go alone.  I needed to go alone.

The beach, the beach, the beach.

The windows down, one hand in the breeze, hair all over the place, I cruised along the street.  Matt Redman’s voice fell through the speakers.  Every now and then I’d tune in to him and smile in agreement.  Mostly my mind was blank.

Fifteen minutes in, I realized, I’m going back.  I don’t need the beach.  The drive, and not even all of it, was enough.  It wasn’t the beach I needed or wanted.  Not the sand, not the water, not the sun.  It was… just this.

I guess I just needed a moment to be.  To not have an agenda, to go where my heart pleased, to not think.  To enjoy.  Just me and him.  Him and me.

I came home, dry, sandless, with the same skin tone haha.

His heart is where my home is.

P.S. The inner part of my right ankle is slightly numb.  It’s been like this for a couple days.  I’m confused.

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