I’ve been going through a lot lately.  Can’t really say it’s crap.  Just, I feel like I’ve been passing through a more turbulent portion of river.  Things are changing.  I am changing.  I find myself being and saying things I didn’t think I’d ever be or say once I’d become a true Christian.  Haha.  True Christian.  What does that mean?

Anyway.  I’m here.  A ball of… Grace.  Full of… Grace.  Me.

The way I see things, the way I see the Church, my parents, the world.

The way I deal with things, with family, friends, situations, myself especially.

I can’t say I regret it.  How do I regret something I didn’t do to myself.  Hahah.  This is Life.  Come at me.

Actually, I kinda like it.  Every time the thought, “I wonder what it’d be like if…” or “Remember when it was like __________?”, my heart always responds with, “Hail no, I like it here.  I can’t imagine being somewhere else, feeling something else, being another person.”  Or something along those lines.

And I’m reminded.  Over and over and over and over and over and over again.  The love.  Gah.  I can’t make sense of anything.  But I kinda don’t mind.  Take me, Jesus.  Let’s walk.

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