I tried

A couple days ago, walking to my car (which is not a joke; I walk about forty minutes a day to and from my parking spot.  Dear Lord have mercy.), I heard the sound of something rolling behind me.  It sounded like someone on a skateboard or rollerblades or scooter.  For those who think rollerblades are extinct, I saw someone on a pair yesterday.  He didn’t look too cool but he was traveling faster than 98.37% of the people around him so I won’t knock him.  Anyway.

I heard it behind me for some time so I wanted to excuse myself from the sidewalk a bit so he/she could go right on ahead on his/her jolly way.  I began to walk on the edge of the curve almost falling off onto the asphalt to avoid the trees adorning Commonwealth Ave.  I know I looked a fool but hey, skateboard/rollerblade/scooter-er, it was for you.

I don’t notice it til later but the guy/girl behind me is sure taking a long to pass me up.  Whatever.  Finally,

a guy

huffing and puffing

with a rolling backpack

earnestly passes me.

And I see, not just hear where the sound came from.

I know I didn’t just know I looked like a fool.  I was a fool.  Hahaha.  Thought that was so funny to me for some reason.  He musta thought I was weird, choosing to needlessly trip over myself so he, who was walking just as fast as I was, could pass me up.

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