A few weeks ago, while tutoring one of my students in math, I decided I wanted to change the way I wrote my 7s.  For many years, I’d written them like this:

When in a hurry, they would look like this:

Dissatisfied with the performance in this area of my life, I made a decision to write them like this:

So here’s why (I thought) this was interesting enough to post.  I assumed it would require a good amount of conscious effort, constant reminder, much erasing/crossing out to get myself to change my ways, even with something as insignificant as this.  After all, I’d been writing 7s like this since high school, maybe even junior high.

Truth is, immediately after I determined to change, it took me about an hour to get in the groove of writing it the “new” way.  I haven’t written it the “old” way since, excepting a couple times when in a hurry haha.  It didn’t demand practice or require much thinking.  It surprised me because I guess I’d thought I was too old to change ha!  I impressed myself with my own teachability and flexibility.  I’m more amazing than I imagined!  Hahaha.  I love how I can write whatever I want here.

I guess in the end what I want to say is, it’s never too late to learn something new, start a new habit, even with something as trivial as the aforementioned.  I will never be too old to be taught and change and grow.

Next on my list: change my 8s from:


The possibilities are endless, I tell you!  Hahah!







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