Sometimes I read back on my posts and I think…

Ugh Grace.  You’re so boring.  Hahaha.  Same ol stuff errrrrday.

It’s still good but… I don’t know.  I like to think I’m never the same yesterday, today and forever.  Unlike Jesus.  Who happens to be exactly the opposite.  So I think I’ll just cling to him.  And be okay with my ever-changing views, writing style, blah blah blah.

I’m tired of writing about Jesus.  And how he’s so good.  It’s just a given now, know what I means?  A surprise  every day is no longer a surprise… but it still is somehow.  Haha.  Tooooooo cray.

So I will move on to other things.  Like how there’s these reasonably priced pair of boots I want from Target but I just can’t get the cajones to purchase them.  Give it/me time.

Or how my brother and I carved our first pumpkins today.  It was quite a bonding moment.  And within the same hour he made me want to get out of the house.  What talent.

Or how I’m excited for 2013 already.  I don’t know why.

Or how I’m super excited for Disneyland on crack whoohoo.

Or how I put almost every entry under the Life category so I might as well just name this blog Life.

Anyway, thanks for reading, reader.  I’m very humbled that anyone reads this.  Really.  And it’s funny because… nobody might read this.  But I’d be humbled anyway because I wouldn’t know that nobody read this.  Hahaha ohmy Grace.  Time to go to bed.  Goodnight world.  You’re a good place to be.

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