11/4 – 11/9

This week:

– no more EPIC

– tripped over a five-inch step because my tutor kid turned off the porchlight as I was leaving.  Went sprawling on the ground and skinned my left knee, foot and stubbed big toe.  By myself.  In the dark.

– ran for the first time in months

– rolled my ankle two feet away from my locker after the run

– got wheeled to the health center whooho.  Was my third visit of the semester and the second of the week.

– missed half of a class, now assigned an extra page of essay which is not bad since I like writing

– while crutching my way to class, someone offered to carry my bags.  I almost cried.

– crutched my way to my car which was conveniently parked only 12 miles away from campus

– LA Times repeated a crossword puzzle.  What.

– bought myself a pair of boots

– rear-ended a car last night when it was raining.  The car looked like it was going to pull over but ended up booking it.  i was so confused so I left too.  Drove all the way to my tutor kids’ house, wondered why these ladies I passed on the street were staring at me.  Parked and realized… my bumper was hanging.  Cancelled tutor.

– the weather forecast said rain for today.  It is not raining.

– tomorrow marks the fourth year of my Life.

It’s been interesting.  I wanted to sum it all up for some reason, seemed like a lot happened.  I… am tired.  Not really physically.  But I’m tired of trying to get by.  Not in a I-can’t-take-it-anymore-go-away way but in a I-would-like-to-lay-down-and-not-think-about-anything-for-a-little-bit way, know what I mean?  I don’t want to go out.  I just want to do my homework and study.  And play the guitar.  And watch a good movie.  And borrow Atlas Shrugged.  Do I sound like I’m complaining?  Hahah.

I’m happy.  I’m gonna play the guitar a bit.  Have a beautiful day, folks.  Even if it’s not raining.  Hmph.

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