Time: 7:53am

Location: school cafeteria

Activity: finishing rough draft immersed in music.

Thoughts: I’m happy.  Everything gets to me, the music, whatever I’m doing at the moment, where I am.  I can’t fathom how full I feel.  It’s not meant to be felt, understood, measured.  I just am.  And all I know, all I’ve ever known is: peace.  I… wish I could share this with someone.  I wish someone could take a moment to see what I see, feel what I feel, know what I know and just close his/her eyes and lean back.  Doesn’t have to say anything, doesn’t even have to understand.  I just want someone to be here next to me being with me.  In that itself is understanding.  To experience this on my own is Good.  To experience this with another is Beautiful.  Okay they’re both Good and Beautiful.  But I’m trying to be expressive here.  Ha.  I… am so satisfied I just can’t care about anything.  Nothing is worth my striving, wanting, yearning.  Nothing.  I have nothing and I have everything.  To breathe is to live.  Nothing else is required.  Nothing else is it.

Happy Thursday.

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