I walked out of the bathroom after my morning shower feeling good and found my mom in my room.  She sort of laughed and asked, do you know what happened?  I laugh, it’s 7:15am, I just woke up, so no.

She then told me that her car had been repo-ed last night.

Repo-ed.  Hm.

I rolled my eyes once and I’m going to honest, only once at my dad for letting this happen.  Somehow, it faded and the next thought was how we were going to deal with this.  I don’t even know why I’m writing this.  I don’t feel shock or anger or bitterness or desperation or anything.  It’s just something that happened, something that happens to people.  And it’s okay.

It’s just crazy how things happen.  The night before I had no idea.  I planned for today the way I usually do and… then this haha.  Yeah.

The whole day today, I don’t know if it’s because of or related to this situation, but I felt immense thanks and gratitude.  Well, I guess I’ve been feeling this for a few weeks.  I don’t know where it comes from.  I’m just kidding, I do know where it comes from but I don’t know why.  Which isn’t really important in light of how much I thoroughly freaking enjoy it.  Thoroughly.  I’m just doing my thing and this huge smile creeps up on me and I either laugh or let out a whoop because I can’t contain it.  This usually happens in my car when I’m alone hahah.  Not while I’m walking to class.  But even when I’m in public I just can’t suppress this joy.  I’m just.  Freaking.  Happy.  Freaking.

________ 11/29

I couldn’t finish the entry yesterday.  But YES.  Another beautiful day.  IT’S RAINING.  RAINING.  I am so happy.  AND a class is cancelled.  HOLLA.

Okay I’m gonna go.  Good morning!

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