– I tried putting on eyeshadow yesterday.  I forgot to tap off the excess shadow and it ended up on my cheek which I ended up smearing as I accidentally rubbed eyeliner that was already on my finger onto another part of my cheek.  Thus, I went to church with no makeup.  Sigh.

– Whenever I’m asked what my pet peeve is, I always have a hard time answering but I realized I have one: fakeness.  Which is not even a word hahah.  I despise it.  I despise the attempt to cover up or even understate something or deceive me/someone.  I despise it because I feel like there is a need for such nonsense.  No one cares enough for anyone to lie/sugarcoat/fake it hahah.  Jk.  But you know what I mean?  Who you tryin’ to fool now?  I understand that some people do it as a defense mechanism or habit or whatever and that’s fine.  But if I were to name one annoyance, this is it.

– I am mean.

– My brother and I are on good terms, meaning we actually talk to each other without clawing at each other in our minds.  Or at least on my part.  Okay, it’s a little better than that ahah.  We connect on a more equal, sibling-to-sibling level rather than thou-shalt-listen-to-me-for-I-have-9-years-on-you level.  I quite like it.

– I have not eaten a pb&j in DAYS.

– I never thought I’d be here.  Still in love with Jesus.

– Hablo español más rápidamente y facilmente que había pensado.  Quiero practicar mucho más pero ahora solo tengo a mi mismo jaja.

I’m off to bed!  Thanks for reading.  Goodnight!

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