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Hi readers, this entry is dedicated to a scholarship that requires that I post something on my blog.

The question: Do you think traditional or online schooling is better and why?

Neither online nor traditional schooling can be considered “better” than the other because each student has unique needs that can only be met by one method of education or the other.  The strength of campus schooling is its experiential element, which can hardly be imitated by classes via the Internet.  However, I strongly believe that online schooling is an extremely important option that all students should have access to simply because of its flexibility of time.

Many people have returned to school to advance their career or finish what they had begun, often sacrificing their current situation at home or work.  They are, many times, stretched between the roles and responsibilities that they are deeply involved in and the inherent desire to learn, grow and further their span of influence and ability.  Online education can supplement a campus education or entirely replace it, allowing students to pursue their dreams and goals while maintaining their familial responsibility and source of income.

Although online education accommodates students who juggle non-academic obligations and thus provides opportunities for them, it is often a poor substitute for on-campus learning.  It may not be suitable for all students because it requires a certain level of discipline, drive and grit to assume the responsibility of signing on, completing assignments, keeping up with readings and learning – all without the reminders and presence of instructors.  This process and experience reveals to students their abilities (and inabilities), fosters new ones and cultivates a positive work ethic – for those who can endure it.

With that said, traditional learning is not to be undermined; it offers opportunities and knowledge unique to its environment and culture.  However, the option of online classes greatly maximizes the power of the classroom and presents a channel of academic and career achievement that cannot be overlooked.







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