Parkity park park park

I went to the park today after getting in a very heated (on my part) argument with my mom.  I parked in the park parking lot (haha) and people-watched for a bit before getting out for a walk.  This is what I saw.

– Santa Claus on his off-time.  He was pretty G with aviators.  Must’ve been working on his cardio since ’tis the season.  He had a rough year, I think, because I saw him 200 feet away after the first sighting on a bench looking kinda glum while poking his fingers in the holes of the lunch table.

– Frisbee fanatic.  He looked about 50 but you couldn’t tell by the way he professionally tossed the frisbee across the field.  After he threw it, he’d watch how far it flew and then raise his arms like a ref calling a touchdown.  Then he’d leisurely walk across and do the same thing from the other side.  On my second round, I saw him dance a little jig.  It made me laugh.

– Dog-owning man in need of plastic bags.  An Asian man walked nonchalantly up to the doggie doodoo bag dispenser and pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled out a tonnnn of baggies, rolling them up and stuffing them in his pocket.  He looked a little sneaky while doing it because he looked around to see if anyone was watching.  Little did he know.

– A multi-racial basketball crew.  There were four or five older men on the basketball courts throwing some hoops.  In the midst of blacks and a white, there was this tiny little Asian man.  He looked like he was 60.  They all played on the same court, just messing around.  No one seemed out of place.

– A smiler.  This Indian woman and her daughter who looked older than me were walking a dog.  We walked toward each other and as we got closer I smiled my usual smile… and to my delight, she smiled back a wider grin.  Totally made my day for that moment.

Needless to say (but I’m gonna say it anyway), my experience at the park was quite therapeutic.  You should try it one day.  But skip the fight with your mom.  Or that might actually enhance it hahaha.  Jkjk.  Anyway.  Toodles.

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