Numero Uno

I am happy.  Here’s why.

– I’m breathing

– I’m alive

– I’m loved

– I love

– 2013

Hahaha that’s a pretty crappy list.  So vague and not interesting.  Anyway.

I have no resolutions.  I only know Grace of January 2013 will be unrecognizable to Grace of December 2013.  Haha.  I say that in more than faith because that’s how it seems to roll every year.  Nothing remains the same yet everything remains the same.  So I’ma just chill on that.  Cool.

There is one thing that I do want.  But it’s not in my hands and I’ve long since let go.  It’s scary to admit it to anyone but myself and Jesus and close friends.  I used to be paralyzed by the idea of it but I think I’m good now.  As usual.  Give anything time and I realize how okay I am.  No worries mang haha.  Love it.

Here’s to another year.  Bring it.  Yeyay.

Your turn

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