… the Lord’s unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in him. – Psalm 32:10

Right before I read this, I wrote in my journal: Dad, do you think I trust you too much sometimes?  I feel like I do, esp when I see how much I don’t care.

Heehee.  When I read that truth in Psalms, I laughed.  I laughed because of freedom, because of goodness, life.  And I’m sure some people will feel I’m careless with my thoughts, faith, words by the way I say I don’t care but to me, that’s the essence of Jesus.  Why do I not care?  Because he carries me.  There is no burden to uphold, no yoke to bear on my own.  Everything I do, school, loving family and friends, working, is so fun and thus good and true because it’s all grace.  And a testament to the way he cares for me.


Your unfailing love

surrounds me.

Your turn

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