I am fascinated by people who don’t care.  Those who don’t try to watch their tongues and guide their thought process and still present a cohesive, convicting argument or image of themselves or an idea reach me in a way that makes me desire and crave more of them.  I really do respect those who deliberately think through and process their thoughts, opinions and ideas.  No doubt about that.  It’s something that I’m not altogether familiar with in my own life.  It hasn’t always been like that – this, and sometimes I’m not sure how to reign myself in.  I want and am pretty sure that over time, experience and maturity (ha, that sounds funny for some reason) will refine the freedom I know well, maybe too well in others’ opinions.  It’s not real freedom if its current carries me farther than I can handle or pushes me to the point of no control.

For now, I am where I am and I will wait and know Jesus.  All day everyday.  Just breathe.

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