Sometimes the mundane things make me realize the grandness of life.  I don’t know how though ahaha.  I’ll be going through my day, caught in a moment of nothingness, maybe driving back after dropping my mom off work, preparing work stuff, choosing something to wear, the like.  And while in it, I feel this sort of… lack?  Boredom?  I don’t know.  And I realize, this is life too.  This state of absolute non-significance, the moment connecting moments, the nano-second between standing and falling.  It’s all life.  It’s not less or undesirable.  And to soak it up, to fully dwell in even that is to live, to breathe in every spectrum of every possibility of the grandness of life is… beautiful to me.  Hahaha.  Hippie Grace just made an appearance.

Anyway.  I forgot to write yesterday.  So today I will share something that I don’t normally put out in the open.  I’m going to be vulnerable you guys.  Please still read my stuff and be my friend.  Hahah.

I like the smell of human beings.  HAHAH.  Too much? I would rather smell like me than a perfume.  And as much as I do appreciate guys sporting cologne, I also like the human smell.  I can’t describe it haha.  You know that smell when you hold your shirt you’ve been wearing all day to your nose and you sniff?  Okay now I sound creepy.  But yeah.  Orrr when I hug my dad and my head is buried in his shirt/sweater and it just smells clean and… human hahah.  Okay I will stop here.

So there it is, my Friday post.  Have a beautiful day yalls.







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