Do re mi

The more I experience it, the more I understand that music is the language of the soul.  Words are the language of the mind.  They are derived from and reach the processes of the mind, to be understood and interpreted by their man-made definitions.

Music, on the other hand, comes from a place that words have no power over except to scantily describe a shadow of the movements of the heart and soul.  Even what I’m writing about music is cheap compared to the current of emotions that sweep me off my feet and away from equilibrium.

The variety of music I hear (classical, top 40, electronica, hip hop, old school rap, christian music, etc.) and its effects tell me that this is simply the nature of music.  It’s not one genre, one kind of sound.  This is what music does.  It moves the inner person, to feel, to maybe understand the heart from which it came.

It’s so beautiful how we respond to it.  When I listen to jesus music, I’m led to worship him in a real, live way.  I get carried away by the depth and resonance of the words and sounds.  When I listen to music with a good beat, I can’t stop myself from enjoying the wordless dialogue between me and it.  There’s no fighting, discussing, arguing.  Only simple agreement and acknowledgement of a good thing.  When I listen to classical music, my heart feels as if it’s going to burst, as if that’s the only logical acceptable way to respond.  I feel this crazy freedom, like I’m transcending above all tangible, physical, immediate surroundings.  That pretty much sounds like I’m high ahahah.

I feel alive when I listen to music.  Like it lets me know how real I am, how moved I can be.  I guess this is how I’m created, how we’re all created.  We have a capacity to not only hear it but be consumed by it in the moment.

Let it take you.

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