Today is the second day of school but let me talk about yesterday: the first day of school.

My first class (Anthropology of Sex and Gender) was fun.  I’m taking it with a friend who is hilarious and the professor is legit according to my standards which aren’t that high anyway haha.

My second class (Introduction to Spanish Civilization) is interesting.

1. I had no idea who the instructor was until she walked in: my writing professor from last semester.  I really really really liked her (enough to drop off a note and Starbucks giftcard during finals) and I felt like she was quite legit (haha).  I just really appreciated the way she conducted class and taught.  So that was a plus.

And then there’s 2. The prerequisite for this class is a class that I’m taking right now.  And I don’t know if that’s the reason why or because this professor is difficult but I’m so scared.  Hahah.  Seriously.  I think I understood 75% of everything being spoken.  And then there’s an 8 minute oral presentation.  And a billion pages of Spanish text to read (okay more like 26 pages by tomorrow which some of you are probably scoffing at.  Don’t judge, judger).  And a 5 page essay somewhere down the line.  And aggggh.  I’m not sure if I can stick with it but this smells like a challenge.  I accept.  Or not, we’ll see haha.

Oh and 3. From my scan of the room, I am one of two Asians.  Cray.  Especially growing up in a predominantly Korean community.  I feel uncomfortable.  I kinda like it.

I shall be getting ready to go soon.  I gots Business Writing and Advanced Spanish Grammar today yeyayy.

Have a beautifullll dayyy!!!!!! (:







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