In the dark

A couple nights ago, I groped around in my bathroom for some toilet paper to clean something up in my room.  I kept the lights off because I think it’s a waste to turn it on for 2.5 seconds and on top of that I’m lazy.

It seemed like a fresh roll and so I kept rolling the darn thing to find the place where the end started.  I rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled… and rolled.  To no avail.  Soo confused.  I looked closer and kept rolling.

Until I realized.  There was a huuuge wad of tp piled up below.  I had been unrolling it onto the floor the whole time.  Haha.  So I rolled it back up and took the two squares I had come in for.

I just thought I’d share.  There’s a couple good life lessons in this here moment haha.  Anyway.

I’m still working up the energy to write more about who I am as a servant to Jesus.  Sigh.  It will come.  Oh, it will come.

Happy Tuesday.






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