Yes please.

I needa study/get stuff done buttt I think I’m going to squeeze this out real quick.  Sounds like I’m taking a poo haha.

Read Psalms and 2 Timothy.  Got stuck at 1:7 of the latter book.

Really couldn’t go further.  It was all I needed to hear/read for today.

Not a spirit of timidity but a spirit

of power,

of love,

and of self-discipline?

Hell yeah.  I’ll take that.  I’ll take all of it.  I claim it.  That spirit is mine.  And I’m its.  Hahah.  Let it live in me.  Let me consume every moment of every breath.  Free me to know this truth as well as I know how to breathe.  Why?  Because it’s all I have.  Your love is all I know.  Hahaha.  Thanks for this cray spirit.  I receeeeeeeeeive itttttttttt.


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