La tierra

Spanish class today consisted of checking homework, turning in papers and watching the beginning of a movie.  I don’t think I am the same after leaving that classroom.

Sin Nombre (Without Name or Nameless) covers the economic, social and cultural situation of Latin-american countries which lead many to seek an escape via immigration into the US.  Specifically, the movie follows a Honduran girl and a Mexican boy whose stories and paths cross and converge as they seek freedom in every aspect of their lives.  If you’re interested, watch it.  It’s good.  Expect graphic violence and some sexuality.

Man.  I cannot explain the depth and weight of what I saw.  Maybe I’m just being sensitive.  Or I don’t know.  It blows my mind because it’s real.  People die every day in a place that has no respect for life. People live every day in a place that is devastated with violence and hopelessness and hunger – for more than just food.  When I run through the images and scenes etched in my mind, my most concise description is: godless.  A place injured, bleeding, ravaged.  A place where the only way out is sometimes through a casket.

The violence of the gang culture is crazy unbelievable.  Fear rules the land and gangs feel they mastered that fear by inflicting pain and terror on the people that share the same heritage, blood and home.  The gangs manifest the brokenness of the land, revealing the extent to which the men of those countries have been reduced to waging wars for things that mean nothing, for what they think is power and purpose.  I’m not saying they’re bad.  Far from it.  This is simply what it is.  But.


There is hope.  Isn’t that so crazy?  The fact that I can even say that.  It’s possible.  I freaking believe it. It makes me want to go there.  I am so useless hahah but I just want go there.  It’s such a foolish thing to think and want but I wish I could meet them.  Just talk to them.  And I don’t know.  I don’t know why.  I have nothing to offer.  Hahah but anyway.

This was so crazy I had to write another entry.  I am still so messed up inside haha.

Okay, I’m done.


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