The next breath

After our group presentations in Business Writing 301 this morning, our professor let us out early (whoohoo!) and one of my group members looked like she wanted to kick it a little since she had more than half an hour before her next class.  I had wanted to head straight to the computer lab to work on homework and read but we ended up sitting at a table and just talking.

She mentioned she had asthma and I asked her what that was like.  As she shared, in my mind I heard so clearly: God wants to heal you.  It didn’t feel like I was being told this again and again, but more as if it was written and I was simply reading over what was already there, and perhaps already true.  Know what I mean?  I don’t know.  Anyway.

When she took a break from her explanation, I brought up how I believe in God (she’s Catholic) and how I felt like he wanted to heal her (which she wanted).  I was laughing as I said this, explaining that I don’t go around saying stuff like this to everyone haha but I really could not deny what I read/heard in my mind.  To deny it would be like… not breathing hahaha.  How appropriate.

So I asked if I could pray for her and if she thought that was weird (she did).  Either way, I wasn’t going to back down because if she wanted it, then it was available to her.  I think she felt sort of uncomfortable (it was passing time and there were a lot of students walking to/from class) and rushed (she had to get to class).  I told her it would be really quick but she had made up her mind.  She asked if she needed to be physically present to be prayed for and I said of course not and so.  She left.

Hahahaha.  It was such an interesting experience.  It made me laugh inside so much thinking about what might have gone through her mind, how she sees me.  It was an interesting feeling wanting to pray for this stranger out of the conviction of my heart and mind and then… not.  Hahahah.  So as she left, I prayed and am still continuing to pray for her asthma and health.

But yeah.  I’m sitting in lab still not doing my work but you know what?  Who cares.  I don’t serve school.  School serves me (yeah I said it, CSUF hahaha I’m so lame).  I just had to write this.  Idk why haha.

Some random thoughts:

1. I think every public restroom should have music playing so that we can go number two comfortably.  Sometimes it’s just so uncomfortable and tense trying to not make sounds.  And then there’s the case of two (or more) people trying to go number two simultaneously and there we are, sitting a few feet from each other separated by a couple half inch-thick walls, knowing that there’s someone there and what they’re doing… but trying not to know.  I don’t know.  I think life would be a little easier if there was music playing loudly enough so you can’t hear other people’s business and vice versa.  Either that or stop being insecure hahahah.

2. Okay that was my only random thought.  Have a beautiful day!!!!!!!

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