It’s one of those days.  I want to say something.  If only I had something to say.

I have something.

I like money.  I pray for money.  Yeah, I do.  Because I know what money can do.  It creates opportunities.  It opens up my availability.  It can send and take me places.  It lets me enjoy life differently from what I’m used to.  It releases my mind to try new things, be creative and risk a little.  Really, it does, at least for me.

I pray that God will make me rich hahahah!!  And I kinda believe it.  I better believe it, shoot, if I prayed it hahah.  Dad, I want opportunities.  I don’t ever want money or the lack of money to stop me from anything.  Well, I guess that’s already true.  But really.  I want even my thoughts and hopes and dreams to never be inhibited by money.  As much as I believe that’s true today, I want… more.  Not more money, but more freedom.  To own money and never vice versa.  I still worry, calculate, measure, strive.  And it hurts my brain.

I have class!  Gotta goooo.  Happy Tuesday!!

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