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I was on Pandora today and it just wasn’t cutting it.  The music selection was good but it was glitching like crazy.  So I thought I’d share two other music mix sites my friends recommended: – very similar to Pandora except music is categorized by the type of music you’re looking for (e.g. studying with lyrics, studying with no lyrics, reading, looking at photos of your ex (yes, that was a real category hahah)) combined with the time of the day (e.g. Thursday night, Friday morning, etc.).  Interesting thing is you can contribute a playlist but… you can’t listen to it haha.  Has to do with licensing restrictions or something. – playlists are compiled by users (as opposed to compiled by music professionals hahah) and range in length (as opposed to endless mixes on Songza and Pandora).  I kinda like this better than other two because playlists have a personality, know what I mean?  They’re not just put together cause they sound similar.  Someone put them together via his own taste and preference.

Anyyyyway.  Back to the books.  Happy Thursday!

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