It’s 7:22pm on a Saturday evening.  I’m sitting at my work, also my studyplace when not working.  I have to do something that I don’t have to do at this moment.  You know what I mean?

I feel tired.  My head feels fuzzy.  I feel like I’m not gonna get anything done.  Which means I won’t haha.  But I want to.  Mm, I just realized I want to get these things done not for the sake of doing them but because I don’t want to worry about them later.  Which is not enough reason for me to enjoy doing it haha.  If I can’t enjoy doing something, I usually don’t do it.  And I refuse to “discipline” myself.  I am a brat!  Hahah.  I’m gonna go home and read a book or something.  That sounds depressing though.  Haha.

I think I’m realizing more and more how much of an extrovert I am.  A year ago, different answer.  Lately, I find myself looking for companionship or even to be surrounded by people I don’t know, like at Starbucks.  Maybe that’s why I can’t study right now.  I am sooooo alone hahahah.  There is literally no one within a 50 meter radius.  Hahaha I have no idea why I chose that distance and measurement.

Anyway.  I’ve begun watching Thor.  I die.  Chris Hemsworth?  I don’t even know his name but I die.

Happy Saturday!!!

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