Three seconds

Here I am, on the advent of spring break, with about a page of research paper and one class between me and it.  Of course, I would have to write an entry right this moment haha.

On the commute to school today (Angela driving), we drove behind a beat-up pick-up truck.  There was a girl about twelve years old sitting in the back, her body completely leaning against the car door since there wasn’t enough room to face forward.  She looked up a couple times absentmindedly.  Like a good creeper, I watched her assuming she couldn’t see me.  Then, I don’t know what came over me in that moment but I raised my hand and waved to her.  The look on her face, the huge open-mouth grin that reached to her eyes matched mine.  She was so happy.  I have no idea what her life is and vice versa.  But those few seconds were… divine hahah.  A few seconds covering a space in which no words were spoken, just two hearts communicating with a “Hi.”  As we passed her car, she continued waving until I couldn’t see her anymore.  My smile lasted a lot longer than the rest of the drive.

Happy Thursday yo.

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