After work today, I decided to go for a run.  It was pretty random; I hadn’t run in… a week or two.  And it was also 7:30pm.  I haven’t run past 9am for… a couple years I think.  But just something in me wanted it… how could i deny myself something i want?  Hahah.

Man, it felt so good, even when I started dying on the uphill and my rib-area started cramping in the last stretch.  I had to walk it off but no matter.  Now I’m showered and ready to study.  Yay!  Haha that was a sincere yay, by the way.  I lahv eet.

Perhaps I will run more often at night.  But the mornings are always so nice.  We shall see.  As with all things.

Happy Thursday.

P.S. Did you like my title?  A random run: rundom.  Hahahah so corny.

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