The cray

Things just got real.

It was real before.  But it just got real.  Haha.

It’s like… black and white TV.

Then color.







I don’t know what other technologies have advanced since but whatever it is, it would go here.

Each time, it’s the coolest/best/most advanced.  Until the next.  And it’s not linear.  All aspects grow and move and expand at its own rate in its own time in its own way.

Up until a couple days ago, life was good.  Yes, really good.  As usual.  So full.  So lovely.  And beautiful and perfect.

Then such a thing like this past weekend happens.

And life becomes real.  Not realer, it’s not addition.  It just becomes… a different dimension of real.  Like I just entered in the Blu-ray HD world after some time in DVD land.

It is good, really good.  As usual, full, lovely, beautiful and perfect.  Nothing changed but everything changed.  I don’t have the capacity to put my experience in words right now, even though I can probably tell you if it was in person.  I just.  I just.

I feel crazy.  I feel like I’m jumping from glory to glory like in that one verse.  Know what I’m talking about?

This is perfection.  Not a destination or state.  The movement and expansion and undoing of me.  This is it.  Hollaaaaaaaaaa.

Beautiful Jesus, I asked you to romance me and you did.  Your gaze is deeper than… the depth I had once thought was infinite.  Hahah.  Doesn’t even make sense, huh?  Whatever.  The glance said it all.  And right now I know, the King has arrived.  The King is here.  I offer to you the best of me.  I offer to you what is good.  I offer to you not because I’m a daughter.  I offer to you because you are King.  I enter into your throne room.  I bow at your feet.  I prostrate myself before you in all ways.  Every cell in me, every molecule bows before you, in your glory, in your majesty.  Your spirit has provided the capacity to recognize and acknowledge and worship who is True, who is Life.  And I… am felled in your presence.  Yes, felled, not fallen.  You have rendered me useless and yet, worthy.  I’m here.  You’re here.  Let’s rock this joint.

Btw, I’ve held Psalm 9:10 close to me all this while.  What else, now?

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