I am happy.

I am currently printing a 2 copies of a 4 page powerpoint lecture at school.  Everyone familiar with CSUF printing knows what that means.  Printing powerpoints take at leastttt 5-7 minutes.  Which also means everyone else’s gets stuck in queue until mine’s done.  HAHA.  I’m not laughing at them in a mean way.  It’s just funny.  I’m hiding behind my computer watching the line of 2-3 people.  I kinda want to tell them that I’m printing powerpoints but then, it’s not worth the suppressed angry and/or frustrated and/or condemning looks I have to endure so, oh well.

That’s not why I’m happy haha I just wanted to share that haha.  I’m happy because… I don’t know.  I just am.  I felt like a mess this morning haha.  I felt unkempt, disheveled, not put together.  Like… a child.  Like my clothes don’t match or something hahaha.  But I felt sooo… okay.  Hahah.  Like, you’re alright, Grace, you’re alright.  I’m just at peace.  Maybe that’s why I’m happy.  I don’t know.  But I am.

Happy Monday.






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