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I have a 5 page research paper due in my Spanish civilization class and I’m still searching searching searching for a topic, something I can sink my teeth in.  So far, I’ve been looking into mysticism.  Until this class, I’d never heard of it.  According to Merriam-Webster, it’s “the belief that direct knowledge of God, spiritual truth, or ultimate reality can be attained through subjective experience (as intuition or insight)”.  It started back in the Renaissance among devout Catholics and some of its most known poets are Teresa de Avila and Juan de la Cruz.  Anyway.  I was reading an article and thought I’d share what I thought was interesting.

“A mystic is someone who is embodying the Christ in themselves, who can heal with a touch, who can walk on water, be in two places at once, one who has all this wisdom being channeled through them, and can change someone’s life by speaking a word that is specific, critical and important in that moment. So a mystic would be anyone who was not the original Christ and is exhibiting some signs and acting and being like Christ did.”

– I’m not too sure about the whole being two places at once part haha but it’s crazy that mystics really want to be like Jesus in every way.  There’s no limitations.

“For Fray Luis this is what salvation really meant. It was not something in the afterlife. It is an evolution today.”

– Today today today.  Today.  Right now.  This moment.  Yes.

“To realize that following Christ and salvation wasn’t what we were told, wasn’t the suffering Christ and the cross. That was never the message of Christ, that we should just hope for the best, die, and be rewarded in Heaven. The message of Christ was about transformation and empowering ourselves to be divine, to be like God the creator in Genesis…”

“We must wake up, and we are waking up. The message is becoming alive and it can’t be stopped now.”

– Is this not true?  Haha I feel like I see it everywhere.  People are hungry for freedom, for goodness, for love that Jesus demonstrates and demonstrated with his words and actions and compassion.

“It’s just coming out everywhere and it’s being spoken in so many different ways and it all points to the same message that Fray Luis was trying to tell us too. That we are divine, that we are actually creators and that we are in charge of our destiny and we need to take charge of our destiny by enacting the divine in us.”

– Not too sure about taking charge of our destiny but for me, personally, I can’t say that’s wrong.  In a sense, I do feel like my words and desires can move God and shift something in his heart.  And we do have authority to take charge of situations and such with prayer and all that good stuff.

“In so many ways all over the world, people are crying out, they want change, they want a new message. People don’t want fear, they don’t want to continue to live as separate and divided, in conflict and violence with each other, but as a brotherhood and sisterhood. We are all connected and we all affect each other. We can create a better future by changing ourselves.”

– True true true.

All in all, I was genuinely… surprised and moved by what I read.  God is one and the same.  Catholicism, Christianity flow from the same vein.  Where they are today might paints two very different pictures but right now, I really just see them as two major rivers of grace, neither negating the other.  They reveal the sovereignty, the majesty of him who created man to love and be with him.

Anyway.  Back to research.  Happy Halfwayday!!!

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