I tried to explain to my mom how close my summer break was and this is what came out:

“Mom, I’m almost on break!”

“Oh, that’s wonderful, when do you start?” (in Korean)

“So, after this week, and then another week… and then finals week…”


Hahahaha I felt soo stupid while explaining how “close” I was haha.  But really, I am!  I can taste it!  Everything is being crammed into the last few weeks, it just feels like one chunk of time… which it is.  I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore.  Anyway.  I have

1 homework assignment which takes a billion years to finish

1 research paper en español

1 group project that also includes

1 presentation

2 papers to revise

3 finals

between me and summer!!!  Let’s do itttttttt.

I wonder how many pb&j’s I’ve eaten this semester.

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