Today is the day, people.

Today is the day to live, to breathe, to enjoy.

Today is the day to celebrate the very breath in our lungs.

Today is the day to sing and dance and skip and shout and laugh.

Today is going to pass.  Soon it will be a yesterday.

Soon tomorrow will become a today.

But right now… is a today.

It’s time to let today be today and not yesterday or tomorrow.

So basically, what I want to say is… have fun with whatever you’re doing!!  Hahaha!

I learned yesterday that in Ecclesiastes, Solomon damns everything to the ground when it is lived without God.  But there’s one thing he praised, even if one doesn’t know or walk with his God, and it was: joy.

What’s the meaning of life?  Even as Christians, that’s a difficult question.  In the end, it’s the simple enjoyment of life as it is.  Not enjoyment because life is good.  Not enjoyment because life is crappy and you’re waiting for a better future.

But enjoyment because life just is.  That sounds lovely.






2 responses to “Hoy”

  1. stelinfelin Avatar

    Hari ini!!!

    1. Grace J. Kim Avatar

      Hahaah I google translated that. Hari ini!!

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