Do we realize how much our God wants to pour out on us?  Do we feel how much he wants to bless us?  How much he burns for us to live in freedom?  What is sin?  Striving?  Despair?  Depression?  Loneliness, death, hopelessness, worthlessness, failure?  What are all these things?  Crap.  In the face of God, this is allll crap.

He’s pushing for us, he’s yearning and longing and wanting.  Us.  He wants us.  Haahahaa.  Oh my.  My oh my oh my oh my.

Does that blow your mind?  Because I see so many people, so many Christians living in earthly fear of the God that waits for us.  The God that is delighted to save them.  There is so much misunderstanding between his people and him.  So much miscommunication and misattribution (don’t know if that’s a real word) and misconstruance (this one too).  We all think he’s like this or that from our experiences and knowledge.  And it’s true, he might be, since he has proven himself to us in certain ways.  But if he is eternal, untamable, uncreated… why is there a boundary surrounding our perception of him?  Why is our vision of him so… flat?

Our idea of him becomes reality because we believe it.  We think he wants this, he wants that.  We believe he requires something… and never realize we hold it within us.  The simple desire to know him is enough to unleash his presence in anyone’s life.  The simple opening of the door.  He waits right outside the door.  Not too far that he’s a stranger and not too close that you feel defensive.  All he wants is… some time with you.  To be allowed (yes, we can allow God to do what he wants) to speak truth into us.  To be allowed to be near us.  Hahaahaha.  So crazy.  This God…. pours himself out to those who open the door.  Nothing is ever forced.  There is no formula, no steps to take, except one, I guess hahah.

And then, let him take you.  Forget about everything else.  Let it all fly out the window.  Haha maybe that sounds weird but I look back and see that intimacy is surrender with God.  It’s a letting go of me, my thoughts, my ideas of the good and the right and the true.  It’s an undoing of all image, all self.  We let go and find ourselves even more full than before.

If you are hungry, hunger.  If you are thirsty, thirst.  And be at peace because there is a God, a Father, a King, a Master, a Friend, a Lover that fulfills every desire.  He will come.  At your words, at your cry, at your desperation and at your surrender he answers.  He cannot resist you.  Crazy.  He cannot resist you.  Haha!

I don’t know where this came from haha.  But yeah.  I feel like I’m surrounded by this kind of hunger everywhere.  And it’s so interesting because a lot of times it’s at church.  There is an outpouring to come.  There will be refreshing and rain and freedom and heaven incarnate within individuals, congregation, communities.  And all. we. have. to do.

is ask.  Haha!!!

“Come near to God and he will come near to you.” – James 4:8

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