Not here, nor there

So many things on my mind.  All I want is truth.  I don’t know what I’m doing.  I don’t know what to do.  But I’m just gonna be here.  And I’m gonna keep believing.  Because if I don’t, I’ll die.  You are my hope, my everything.  Don’t hold me.  Just… be here.  I just want to know that you are here.  I don’t want emotions, feelings, proof.  I just want to keep believing.

I can’t express the contents of my heart right now.

It bothers me that I consider making this post private.  I feel so vulnerable and open and silly.  I feel self-conscious and unsure of myself.  And at the same time I don’t.  Yeah… I don’t get me either.  Haha.  Story of my life.

Happy Monday.

1 thought on “Not here, nor there”

  1. your heart is so available and open for us to see. thank you for your vulnerability, it amazes me how strong u are and how deep u are with Jesus. yiu encourage ppl even with a broken and shattered heart

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