It’s been on my mind. I didn’t realize it until now.
Studying at the library and I can’t feel my fingers because the ac is blasting? Thank you.
Car malfunctioning? Thank you.
Car handle breaks off? Thank you.
Beautiful day? Thank you.
Not enough time to study? Thank you.
Doesn’t feel like summer break. Thank you.
Not sure if I can afford school next semester. Thank you.
My health allows me to go to school and work. Thank you.
Haven’t been to the beach since….. Idk. Thank you.
Grapes are sour. Thank you.
On and on and on.
It makes life so much lighter. So much happier. It’s easier to smile and laugh. It’s easier to be open to the good things of life. Not necessarily the good things as we know them but just… The goodness of life. I am in full hippie mode right now haha.
I am thankful just to be here, to be me, to be alive and living. Right here and now.
It really does something. It’s humility, truth, freedom.
Why? Because it’s a simple acknowledgement of who I am and the bigness of life. It’s recognition of my littleness haha. It’s liberating to know and live like I am held together not by myself, my thoughts, ambitions, desires, actions, belongings, purpose. Rather, I’m held together by a God who created me just because. Just because he wants to and can. And I’m here, watched over and helped and protected and defended and loved. So why not? Why not give thanks where thanks is due? To say, yeah, here I am, in the face of majesty and perfection. And I am blessed enough to know it.
Thank you thank you thank you all my days with all my heart.

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